Our Ministries

At ABC, we are committed to bringing the Gospel to the city of Akron through our different ministries. Learn about ABC outreach and community impact.

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Our Message

It's clear at ABC that Christ is the center of all we do. Whether it is reaching out to the community, feeding the hungry, riding for a cause or worshiping, Love God, Love others and Make Christ Known.

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Our Meaning

ABC is a church that accepts you as you are, we say we are all here because we are not all there yet.

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Christ, and Him Crucified

At ABC we believe Christ is the answer for the the problem, whatever the problem is. Through our different ministries, we have seen the power of Christ overcome addiction, alcoholism, freed people from incarceration, feed the hungry and give to the needy.

The love of Christ has to flow through us to reach people in need. You can join us in spreading this Gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth.


Next Steps...

Whether you want to get to know Christ, join our church, get involved in ministry or just talk, we are here.