Our Approach

Our Mission

Our mission at Akron Bible Church is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the Earth by loving God, loving others and making Christ known.

Our Story

Our Story

Akron Bible church was founded to reach into the streets for Christ.

Meet the Team

Randy (2)

Randy Baker

Senior Pastor

Senior pastor Randy Baker


Fred Lester

Associate Pastor, Jail Ministry

Associate pastor Fred Lester

Brett (2)

Brett White

Youth Minister, Office Administrator

Youth minister Brett White


Larry Lockhart

Agape Director

Agape director Larry Lockhart


Chet (2)

Chet Flowers

Associate Pastor, Associate Youth Pastor

Associate pastor Chet Flowers


Josh McFarland

Associate Pastor, College and Career Ministry

Associate pastor Josh McFarland

Next Steps...

Whether you want to get to know Christ, join our church, get involved in ministry or just talk, we are here.