Hope Cafe

Hope Cafe is a place to feed your body and your spirit. With Bible studies and free meals throughout the week, you can rejuvenate and be ready to face the coming day.

Food Pantry

At ABC we have a food pantry available at the Agape Storehouse.

JoAnna House Outreach Center

The JoAnna House is an outreach center for the community.

Kingdom Knights MC

Kingdom Knights is a motorcycle club committed to Christ. With runs throughout the year to support different causes, the club is always keeping Christ at the center

Kathy's Kitchen

A hot meal is available at Kathy's Kitchen.

Puppet Ministry

The youth puppet ministry is involved with showing Christ through music, song and humor. Youth of all ages are welcome to join.

Make Christ Known Ministries

Make Christ Known Ministries is a ministry devoted to bringing the gospel from Akron to the uttermost parts of the world. With international missions trips annually, MCKM is reaching out to the world for Christ.

Warrior's Project

The Warrior's Project is the recovery ministry here at ABC.


Call to Action

Christ said to go and make disciples, here at ABC we are committed to loving God, loving others and Making Christ known. All are welcome to come and serve however you are called for His Kingdom.

Step out on Faith!

Come, now is the time to worship! ABC is a come as you are church that keeps that main thing, the main thing... Christ!


Next Steps...

Whether you want to get to know Christ, join our church, get involved in ministry or just talk, we are here.